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Porcelain Crowns Port Charlotte, FL

Rendering of jaw with dental crown done at Oak Dental Care in Port Charlotte, FL During the early days of the dental crown, they were always created and made out of metal material. However, nowadays dental technology and the materials used, have come a long way from where it first started. In fact, porcelain has become a popular material choice for many for dental crowns. Regardless, the teeth in the back still seem to require the original metal-style crowns, as metal tends to be stronger and works better for the molars which take a lot of your chewing impact. When it comes to your smile, porcelain crowns placed on your front teeth will definitely let your smile shine through. This is what we strive to achieve here at Oak Dental Care. Porcelain is the material that most looks like your natural tooth, and is why they are often recommended for dental crowns placed toward the front of your mouth.

Different Types of Porcelain Crowns

The Empress Crown has similar characteristics to a porcelain crown, but uses ceramic in the material that is Empress pressed. Besides that ceramic material, other crown materials include zirconia, In-Ceram, feldspathic, and Procera. One benefit of these crowns is that they are oftentimes utilized easily for a dental bridge. This will permit the dentist to conduct work with no need for metal. The margin metal will normally be cut by the dental lab in order to improve its appearance. However, it sometimes can’t be helped completely, and some of the darkness may appear and show through. Our dentist will try their best to hide this discrepancy beneath the gum line. Regardless, the line will eventually reappear after a while once the dental crown has been attached for a period of time and receding of the gums begins. Our dentist will also have the option to infuse a margin made of porcelain that will help to decrease the line but never make it go away completely. The good thing is that this type has the most strength compared to all other porcelain crowns.

The Price for a Porcelain Crown

When you are finished having your porcelain crown placed, the cost may be more than your dental plan will cover. However, if you are needing the crown to be completely functional, then the price or look may become an issue for you. In order for a porcelain crown to be placed correctly, the dentist will need to have specialized training in cosmetics. Our dentists are fully trained in cosmetic dentistry. We provide porcelain crowns, as well as other types and materials of dental crowns. We are able to determine and decide what material the dental crown is made of, and implement the best dental crown for each individual case. Having a porcelain crown can provide great aesthetic advantages, especially when a dental filling won’t do the job and you’d rather not need to have a tooth extraction.

When you contact us here at Oak Dental Care by calling (941) 629 - 4400, we will go over the latest information concerning porcelain crowns so that you can make the best decision concerning your one of a kind porcelain crown.
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Porcelain crowns will be placed on your front teeth and will definitely let your smile shine through. This is what we strive to achieve here at Oak Dental Care.
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