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Dental Implants in Port Charlotte, FL

Upon tooth loss due to disease or injury, you may experience complications, including defective speech, bone loss, or a change to your chewing patterns. This can be uncomfortable and require corrective measures. One of the corrective options is dental implants. Here at Oak Dental Care, we will help you with dental implants to restore your normal tooth functions.

Why Dental Implants?

Despite the widespread knowledge of dental care, millions of people globally still suffer tooth complications. Unlike in the past, where bridges and dentures were the available treatments for tooth complications, you can get a permanent treatment through implants depending on the state of your teeth.

Dental implants offer a high-tech tooth replacement that mimics the natural tooth structure. When you sustain an injury necessitating this procedure, our team will fit a titanium root into your jawbone to support the crown, denture, or bridge. The implant fuses with your jawbone such that there is no slippage or risk of bone damage, as in dentures and bridgework. An implant will feel and function like a real tooth and, with proper maintenance, can last a lifetime.

A dental implant is also necessary if you have one or more missing, decayed, or broken teeth beyond repair. Also, if your current dentures are uncomfortable or you do not want dentures following your tooth loss, you may consider a dental implant. Recent advances in implant technology allow patients with an insufficient amount of jawbone to receive implants, which is why dental implants are increasing.

As a potential candidate for a dental implant, it is advisable to practice good oral and general health care actively. Our team will do a bone graft if a patient has inadequate bone tissue for the implant. This is true if you have not had one in a long time or if the time difference between your tooth loss and replacement is significant to cause bone loss.

Besides offering a lifelong solution in most cases, dental implants also feature high success rates. Generally, there is up to a 98% success rate, but this may vary depending on the location. It will take a few months for the process to complete, during which you should practice good oral care and avoid substances like tobacco.
The dental implant procedure is outpatient and happens in stages effectively spaced to allow healing time.

These include removal of the damaged tooth, preparation of jawbone, implant placement, bone growth and healing, abutment, and artificial tooth placement. Our team will advise you accordingly throughout the process to ensure comfort during recovery.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Here are some common benefits of dental implants.

Restoration of Tooth Position and Functionality

While it is advisable to replace missing teeth as soon as they fall out, this is not always possible. The result is teeth drifting to the empty sockets and becoming loose. Fortunately, dental implants can correct this and restore your teeth' position and functionality. Restoring your adjacent teeth to position restores your bite, hence the ability to chew, preventing TMJ, characterized by pain and headaches.

Prevention of Cavities

As surrounding teeth tilt towards the open space following a tooth loss, there is a high likelihood of tooth decay. This is because crooked teeth present hiding spaces for bacteria and plaque, which cause cavities. With a dental implant, your teeth can remain in position, reducing these spots.

Prevention of Bone Loss

An empty jawbone lacks stimulation and will deteriorate over time. Failure to put an implant in that space after a year of tooth loss will cause up to 25% loss in volume, which continues over time. While dentures offer temporary relief, they can accelerate bone loss as they loosen over time, rub against the bony ridge, and wear away. It is advisable to consider dental implants to maintain bone density as their replacement mimicking natural teeth offers necessary stimulation for natural bone growth.

Maintenance of Facial Structure

Teeth support your facial structure, and the loss of teeth will affect the shape of your face. If you lose several teeth all at once, you will experience facial sagging, which is the effect of bone loss. With facial sagging, the lower third of your face collapses and closes the distance between the chin and the tip of the nose. As a result, you will have more wrinkles around your mouth, a pointed chin, and thin lips, making you look older. Opting for dental implants is a safe way to support your facial structure after teeth loss, as they offer similar support as natural teeth.

Boosts Confidence

Dental implants also mimic natural teeth, making them unnoticeable. Our team will work with you to ensure you get an implant matching your surrounding teeth such that it perfectly fits in the gap. This can boost your confidence, as people will barely tell the difference. Dental implants also save you from the embarrassing slippage common with dentures. You will not have to be overly cautious around people or avoid certain foods out of fear that they will fall out as the implants sit firmly in your jaw.

Given their almost natural function and feel, dental implants are beneficial in restoring natural speech. This is unlike tooth replacement options such as dentures which can affect your ability to pronounce words correctly.

Cavity Resistant

Given their resistance to cavities, you may also want to consider dental implants. The dental implant material cannot decay, and you never have to worry about cavities. Still, you should practice good oral hygiene, as your gums are prone to gum disease and other infections. Also, you do not want to lose your natural teeth if you still have some remaining. Apart from their resistance to cavities, dental implants are easy to clean, with simple brushing and flossing being sufficient, as you would with your natural teeth.

Dental implants offer a permanent solution to tooth loss. With proper care, you can have dental implants that last for the rest of your life. It is no wonder most people are considering implants as a remedy for tooth loss. If you are considering an implant, learn more by calling Oak Dental Care at (941) 629 - 4400 today.
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