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Dental Fillings
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Healthy teeth are important to our overall health and well-being and maintaining them often means repairing some form of damage as it occurs. The most common minor dental issue faced by patients is the cavity. This particular form of tooth decay can happen even if you are vigilant with oral hygiene and are not too serious as long as they are caught promptly. Routine dental exams to the dentist can help ensure early detection and the cavity can often be fixed at the same office visit via a filling. When it comes to repairing mild and moderate tooth decay, dental fillings are incredibly useful. If you would like more information about them, reach out to us today at Oak Dental Care.

Strengthens Against Decay

Dental fillings are primarily used to fill in cavities, small holes left behind from infection or decay in the tooth. These holes are especially prominent once the dentist has cleaned the tooth of decay. It is important to fill in these gaps to avoid even more decay from taking hold. Fillings offer that protection in a gentle, non-invasive way.

Made from gold, porcelain, tooth-colored composite resin, or silver amalgam, dental fillings also offer the benefit of maintaining the structural integrity of your tooth even after part of it is removed. They are easy to place and can usually be completed the same day the cavity is discovered. The dentist will clean the affected tooth of any infection, decay, or bacteria before washing it with a solution to kill any remaining infection. Then they will place the filling of your choice and you are usually done!

Dental fillings are also a great way to protect a chipped or broken tooth while helping you to feel more confident using the tooth regularly without the risk of it breaking. A fractured tooth can lead to multiple dental problems and once the root of your tooth is weakened it can compromise all the other teeth in your mouth as well.

Natural Color

There are a variety of different dental filling materials. Some, like silver amalgam, are best placed in the back molars where they aren’t visible while others, like tooth-colored resin, can be used on front teeth while still appearing natural. One common misconception is that all dental fillings look discolored or draw attention to the tooth in question. On the contrary, they can be designed to match your tooth color and blend in perfectly to look exactly like your natural teeth.

It should be noted that while fillings last for quite a while, they can sometimes become stained over the years without proper care. To help minimize this discoloration, taking proper care of your teeth is important. Brush them at least twice a day (preferably after every meal) and floss regularly while seeing a dentist routinely.

Aside from the above, maintaining your dental filling is very easy and our professionals will give you the necessary tips. If you are interested in dental fillings, give us a call at (941) 629 - 4400 or visit us at Oak Dental Care to learn more about them today.
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Dental Fillings | Oak Dental Care | Port Charlotte, FL
When it comes to repairing mild and moderate tooth decay, dental fillings are useful. Here at Oak Dental Care we offer dental fillings for our patients.
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